GERM-Y-CIDE Disinfectant (1 Gallon)



GERM-Y-CIDE is a superior cleaner, disinfectant, sanitizer, deodorizer, fungicide, and virucide, that can be used by estheticians and hairstylists to disinfect their working tools.

A Canadian made that has been manufacturing disinfection and cleaning products for the food industry for many years. Germ-Y-Cide has a health Canada DIN as a low level disinfectant and is compliant for use in the salons and barber shops for surface and cleaning and tool disinfection.

• Concentrated disinfectant cleaner
• Ideal for disinfecting your tools

To Disinfect Guidelines:
Rinsing required - Mix 20ml with 1 liter of water get 51 Gallons

To Clean Guidelines:
No rinsing required - Mix 8ml with 1 liter of water get 126 Gallons

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