Wahl Senior Clipper



We call it the Senior for a reason, it’s our oldest clipper! The Wahl Senior clipper is powered our most powerful v9000 electromagnetic motor and is designed for a busy day in the shop. This heavy duty clipper comes with a metal bottom housing for a sturdy, durable grip. The Wahl Senior clipper is excellent for tapering, blending, and fading. Try out your barber’s favorite clipper today!

- Excellent for heavy-duty cutting, tapering, fades, and blends
- Durable metal housing
- Equipped with a v9000 motor
- Runs cooler and faster than a standard clipper
- Twice the speed of pivot motor clippers
- High precision carbon steel blade (close cutting)
- Adjustable lever varies the taper and texture of cut without changing blade
- Cuts wet or dry hair
- Ergonomic design
- Includes: Clipper, 3 Cutting guides (1/16" - 3/16"), Cleaning brush, Oil, Instructions

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