Wahl Cam Follower (Mod for Andis Master Blade)



This product is not 3D printed. We do not sell moving internal parts off of any 3D printer- we use durable injection molding like every other clipper company uses in factories.  

These were popular before, and we redesigned them for the better ! They now click in, sleek design, and quiet with material adjustments. This is a modified Wahl cam follower to use on your Wahl cordless clippers. You will be able to use your Andis master cutter blade with your Andis still blade. Simply take cam follower off of Andis master cutter blade, and put your new cam follower on. Then take off wahl cutter blade and wahl cam, Pops into place and zero gaps. This does not come with Andis cutting blades, sold seperately.  

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