Agiva Hair Styling Spray Matte Green 04 400 mL



Strong Hold | Matte Finish

Introducing the Agiva Hair Styling Spray Matte Green 04, delivering a stronghold and dry texture without any sticky or stiff sensation. Crafted for those who prefer a natural-looking matte finish. Unlike many hair sprays, this product provides a dry texture, contributing to the natural, matte finish. It brings out your hair's natural texture and depth, making it ideal for creating more complex styles or simply enhancing your everyday look.

Styling Tips:

Perfect as a finisher after using Agiva Matte Paste 03, this spray adds an extra layer of hold and a stunning matte finish, locking in your hairstyle.


Shake well before use. Hold the spray 18” away from the hair. Spray lightly and target for a balanced distribution across your hair.

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