Agiva Spider Wax Grey 10 155 mL



Spider Effect | Medium Shine

 The Agiva Spider Wax Grey 10 delivers a remarkable strong hold & medium shine. With its distinguishing spider effect, it masterfully catches every strand of hair, providing comprehensive coverage and an unrivaled hold .The volume-enhancing properties of this product will lift your hair, holding it securely in place without compromising flexibility. Its Finish is a masterpiece with a medium shine that's just right—not too dull, not too glossy. A healthy, vibrant finish complements any style, making your hair look as good as it feels. Get ready to enjoy a flake-free, voluminous, and strong hold experience. Harness the power of the spider and take control of your style today! Wax can be reworked throughout the day and washed out with just water (water-soluble). (155 mL)

Works best for these looks:

  • Straight Hair
  • Spiky Hairstyles
  • Wavy/crazy hairstyles
  • Curly hair


Begin by taking a wax portion approximately the size of a quarter. Start clapping your hands together to produce a spiderweb-like texture. Evenly distribute this through your hair to craft your preferred style.

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