Agiva Styling Hair Powder Wax Extra Strong Red 03 20g



New Look, Same Product!

Extra Strong Hold + Matte Finish

The Agiva Stying Powder Red 03 provides a fantastic Extra Strong hold and matte finish. Its lightweight formula creates texture and volume for all hair types. This powder is designed to maintain long-term stability, leaving no residue. This powder is similar to the strong hold black 02 powder but provides an extra strong hold. Providing a great hold in powder form, it is also used as a dry shampoo to keep your hair looking great in between washes by absorbing excess oils from hair. Application is like a breeze!

Works Best for these hair types:
Thin hair
Naturally styled hair types
Matte Finish hairstyles

Works best for these looks:
Dry messy look
Textured and volume looks

Application: Sprinkle powder into your hand or directly into dry or damp hair. Distribute throughout the hair and rub gently with fingertips or styling comb. Add as much needed to create any look.

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