Agiva Wax Matte Paste Green 03 155 mL



New Look, Same Product!

Firm Hold + Matte Finish

The Agiva Matte Paste Green 03 delivers an exquisite Firm Hold and Matte Finish. This high-performance paste delivers exceptional volume and hold, accompanied by a distinguished matte texture. Any hairstyle that requires a firm hold and soft matte finish will benefit from its maximum control feature. Agiva wax allows you to accomplish your desired style flawlessly, secure it firmly in position, and sustain it throughout the day. Its lightweight composition gives a natural feel when styled. The wax is easily malleable and can be reworked throughout the day, while also being water soluble and easy to wash out. (155 mL)

Works best for these hair types:
Versatile for all hair lengths and styles

Works best for these looks:
Firm hold Matte Looks
Textured fringes
Looks that require a boost in volume


Start off with a quarter size amount of paste with two fingers, rub between hands. Apply the product with fingers from the root up. Either style with fingers or comb. Works best with either damp or dry hair.

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