Ameer's Conditioning Beard Oil Virtuous #57 30ml



Ameer’s believes the key to a well-kept beard is daily grooming and conditioning. Ameer’s hand-crafted Conditioning Beard Oils condition, soften, and nourish the beard. Made with naturally sourced premium ingredients to moisturize and condition facial hair and the skin beneath. This helps soften and tame the beard and keep facial hair flake-free and smelling fresh. Indulge in Ameer’s unparalleled intoxicating fragrance as It’s not only about how you look, but how you feel. 100% Vegan.

Size: 1oz (30ml)

Virtuous - Blend # 57
Living according to high moral standards and captivate those around you with this aromatic scent of earthy, spicy and fruity notes. This blend is composed of various woodsy notes while the juniper berry and vanilla sweeten it up and a touch of nutmeg and coriander to warm it up and finish off with a smooth amber and musk.

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