American Crew Precision Blend Light (3 Pack)



New and Improved American Crew Precision Blend enables Professionals to provide for their clients with natural grey coverage for hair AND beard. The upgraded formulation works in just five minutes and is infused with vitamin B5 for moisturization.

  • Natural grey coverage.
  • Infused with Vitamin B for moisturization.
  • Formulated for hair and beard.
  • Cooler tones for more natural looking results.
  • 5 minute process.
  • Ammonia free.


  1. Shampoo your client's hair and cut as desired.
  2. Choose the shade  that matches his natural hair color the best. Perform a quick allergy test, according to the warnings on the product.
  3. Mix the color with the American Crew Developer at a 1:1 ratio. Generally, about 20ml will be needed to complete the service on a client with hair that is 1” long.
  4. Choose from the 4 American Crew Gray Blending Techniques based on the texture and length of his hair. Each technique can be used with light, medium or heavy product application to provide 25%, 50% or 75% gray blending.

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