BabylissPro Nose & Ear Trimmer



An easy, safe way to keep nose and ear hair in check.

Look, this is not the most glamorous product we sell. But the BaBylissPRO Nose & Ear trimmer will take care of any less-than-desirable hair in the nasal/aural areas, and that’s a worthy goal. With a circular tip, it’s easy to use safely. Please, step away from the scissors and use this instead. It’ll only take a minute. This trimmer takes one AA battery, and comes with one included. The tip detaches for easy cleaning once your ears and nose are looking respectable again.

What are the features and benefits of the BaBylissPRO Nose & Ear Trimmer?

  • Trims unwanted ear and nose hair
  • Circular cutting mechanism
  • Safe and quick to use
  • Head detaches for cleaning
  • AA battery included
  • One year warranty

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