Barber Strong The Barber Mat



The Barber Mat keeps barbering tools organized and secure while protecting both countertops and workstations.  Each Mat measures 19” wide x 13” tall for maximum coverage and protection.

The Barber Strong logo, staggered and raised slightly throughout the Mat, provides extra grip and helps prevent tools from sliding off the station onto the floor.  It also protects up to 200 degrees F to give warm clippers, trimmers, and detailers a rest after running all day in the shop.  The Barber Mat can be easily wiped down with a wet cloth or disinfectant wipe to keep clean.

  • Protects countertops and workstations from damage
  • Oversized ‚Äì 19‚Äù wide x 13‚Äù tall for max coverage
  • Raised logos help secure scissors, tools, and
    appliances from sliding off the station
  • Heat resistant up to 200 degrees F
  • Easy to clean

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