ELV8 Elite Straight Razor



Use The ELV8 Elite Straight Razor For Precision, Finesse, and Elite Control at Your Fingertips!

Key features:
  • Innovative Loading Mechanism: Ensures the razor blade is securely in place and perfectly aligned.
  • Adjustable Blade Exposure: With easy blade exposure adjustment, you have the freedom to choose.
  • Premium Build: The ELV8 Elite boasts a high-quality construction that gives it a sturdy feel in hand, reassuring you of its lasting durability.
  • Elegant Finish: Designed to impress, its finish won’t fade over time.
  • Ergonomic Lightwight Brilliance: Featuring a ergonomic handle, the razor not only looks royal but feels incredibly comfortable and lightweight.
  • Universal Fit: This straight razor is designed to fit all standard size razor blades.
  • Colour Variants: ELV8 Elite Straight Razor is available in two striking colors: Red and Black.

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