Gamma+ Skin Cordless Balding Clipper



The GAMMA+ SKIN is a super powered clipper with a 7,200 RPMS super torque rotary motor and fully adjustable, ultra-close 45 mm Black Diamond Carbon DLC blade.

The Gamma+ SKIN, our new Bulk removal / Balding clipper, will allow barbers to be easily more precise when outlining. Eye-catchy design. Additional housings included for 3 different colour mod options to customize Gamma+ Skin according to your style and liking.

  • Rotary motor: 7200 RPM and super torque.
  • 45 mm black diamond carbon DLC blade for a perfectly smooth cutting
  • Fully adjustable zero gap blade
  • Fully charged in 150 minutes either using its Mini-USB charger or its charging dock
  • Ergonomic grip for an easier and more comfortable use
  • Includes 5 magnetic guards from 1.5 to 13 mm
  • Includes a cleaning/maintenance kit and mini screwdriver for blade regulation
  • 1 clipper with 3 interchangeable lids

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