Hanz De Fuko Gentle Gel Triq 8oz



Extreme Hold | Wet Shine

8 OZ. | 237 ML.


Introducing the world’s first sugar based styling gel! Provides extreme hold without crunchiness or flaking. Dries quickly and leaves hair with a natural, wet shine. Perfect for short dramatic styles or “slicked” back looks.


Finger comb a small amount through wet hair for a controlled, sleek style. Apply to dry hair for anything dramatic. 

Styling Tip: Rub a small amount between the palms and blow on them for a few seconds just before application to activate the “sugars” in Gel Triq. This increases “tackiness” for quick drying hair styles with less shine.


SAGE OIL Linked to helping decrease hair loss associated with male-pattern baldness.

SPEARMINT OIL Effective against certain scalp conditions including dandruff.

EUCALYPTUS OIL Helps fight scalp inflammation and stimulates the hair follicle.

CLOVE OIL Decreases hair loss and promotes growth.

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