IHA Alum Stick Pencils (Full Pack)



Re-Stock ETA: Nov 13th

  • Stops bleeding from razor nicks and cuts
  • Calms razor burn & soothes irritations during shaving
  • Seals skin surface to prevent infection
  • Works fast
  • Ideal for razor nicks and minor cuts
  • 100% natural crystal alum
  • Unscented and Suitable for all types of skin
  • Moisten tip of pencil with water. Dab on affected areas
  • Mildly Antiseptic to help calm razor burn and irritation
  • Astringent properties that can instantly stop any minor bleed, nick or cut¬†
  • The Alum causes the blood vessels to constrict and halt the blood loss
  • Unscented and suitable for most skin types
  • Possibly the oldest aftershave product
  • Made from naturally occurring crystal mineral potassium
  • Can be used on oily skin to help dry spots and pimples
  • Made in TURKEY

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