LV3 Temporary Beard Color - Black 125 ml




Spray on our temporary beard dye and hey presto, the black is back. It’s great for hair too.

Time can take a toll on your hair and beard. Grays start creeping in, and wiry white hairs appear, which seriously messes with your vibe. If you’re not ready to embrace the silver fox look, there is a solution. Our temporary beard dye lets you step back in time and restore your former color. The black tint is ready to apply and gives fast results, whether you want to cover grays or intensify a faded dye job. Great for hair and facial hair, it stays looking fresh for up to 48 hours. Simply spray on to get your swagger back.

Key Features

  • Covers gray, white, and peppered hair; touches up roots and intensifies color
  • Delivers natural-looking results, making hair and beard hair appear fuller
  • Blends easily with existing hair and also adds definition to fade haircuts
  • No mixing required, color is ready to apply and takes just minutes to develop
  • Formula contains no harsh chemical ingredients that could irritate the scalp

Why It’s a Game-Changer
Take your hair time traveling with our black beard dye, that needs just minutes to restore your color and confidence. It delivers natural-looking results, expertly covering gray, white, and peppered hair with rich black. Forget mixing because this tint is ready to apply, either with your fingers or a brush. Use the dye to cover large areas of hair and facial hair or to touch-up visible roots. Spray it on to deepen a faded dye job. Or dab it on with a skinny brush to define fades and fancy side parts.

Our semi-permanent beard tint gives you the freedom to switch up your look anytime. You can disguise unwanted grays, mix things up with black and white hair, or create unique hair art with the touch of a brush. You can achieve a full beard appearance with strong color or define a deep part for an edgy look. The color blends effortlessly with your existing hair and stays true for up to 48 hours.

In a convenient pump bottle, our beard hair dye is easy to use at home or on clients in your barber shop. The dye is ready to apply with no mixing required. The formula contains no harsh chemical ingredients, so it’s safe to use on beards, mustaches, whiskers, and head hair. For larger areas, apply the tint directly to the hair then brush thoroughly. For a casual, softly blended finish, sweep it through with your fingers. Or, for detailed fades with an ombre effect, create a precise line with a thin brush then blend with a bristle brush.
This temporary beard color can be your best-kept secret or a statement about your personal style. It takes just minutes to cover grays with rich, sophisticated color. Maybe gray or peppered hair is killing your vibe and confidence? Maybe you want to offer clients a simple, semi-permanent solution to their white-hair woes? This hair color is the easy and effective way to get back to black.

Size: 125ml

How to Use

  • Apply the color directly to the hair
  • Application time will vary based on the depth of color required
  • Wait 5 minutes for the lightest color deposit
  • Wait up to 20 minutes for the maximum color result
  • Rinse the dye off thoroughly when the time is up
  • Do not shampoo for at least 24 hours to keep the color looking fresh and even

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