Redist Intensive Hair Repair Keratin Miracle Oil 100 ml



A Redist formula that is design to quickly penetrate and configure hair to make it look and feel smooth, vibrant, and healthy. Keratin Miracle Oil is consisted of protein molecules that make up the main structure of the hair and that aid with the connection of different sulfur bridges in the hair strands. Our Keratin Oil contains rich and hydrolyzed keratin fibers that fight against breakage due to daily chemical operations and different external factors.

  • Nourishes hair locks and boosts hair natural shine
  • Increases hair strength and elasticity
  • Multiuse oil that can be used pre and post styling
  • Keratin protein is quickly injected into the hair. Results are guaranteed!
  • Provides complete restructure to hair by penetrating its inner layers
  • Suitable for all hair and scalp types


Please Note: A Pure Keratin Oil Has a Strong Smell Like Vinegar So : 

Rub oil between your hands and its smell will turn to a lovely smell and apply evenly to washed or rinsed hair. Increase amount depending on hair length and thickness. Blow-dry to obtain a smooth or straight look. Simply leave to dry for a curly or wavy look.

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