RedOne Aftershave Cream Cologne 400ml



The RedOne cream cologne aftershave is the ideal closer for a shave or haircut. It is the best 3 in 1 combination to use after a shave, containing alcohol to sooth the skin, cream to hydrate and moisturize, and lastly cologne to leave a long lasting fresh scent. Formulated for all skin types. Its exclusive ingredients protect the skin from nicks, razor bumps and cuts. Helps reduce inflammation, redness and dryness. (400ML)

Fresh - Fresh floral scent
Extreme - Spicy floral scent
Gold - Spicy citric + cinnamon scent

Ideal finishing product for shaves or haircuts
Refreshing and revitalizing cologne scents
Helps moisturize, hydrate and soften skin
Formulated for all skin types
Protects skin from nicks, razor bumps and cuts
Easy Pump action

Application: After finishing a shave or haircut, pump the cream cologne into palms. Apply onto the face/neck area and begin to massage and evenly distribute on skin.

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