S|C Fixed Gold X-Pro Wide Blade + The One DLC Cutting Trimmer Blade




• PROFESSIONAL X-PRO Wide Gold Titanium replacement classic fixed blade is hypoallergenic and finely polished to 41 mm for extreme precision and versatility

• BLACK DIAMOND CARBON DLC deep tooth cutter stays cooler, rust-free and sharper longer with enhanced cutting performance and super sharp tips

• FEWER BLADE CHANGES after daily use are more convenient, time saving and preferred by pros

• FULLY ADJUSTABLE ZERO GAP for the closest cut and finish

• WHEN TO CHANGE YOUR BLADE - we recommend depending on your daily use, every 1 to 4 months for maximum performance

• BEST STORAGE FOR TRIMMER - do not wrap cord around trimmer and use blade cover lid

• HOW TO CLEAN YOUR BLADE - gently brush with maintenance kit brush to clear debris, spray blades with disinfectant (optional), oil trimmer, wipe clean with a dry cloth and use blade cover for storage

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