SLCKR The Rig Beige



The original barber chest rig used by 1,000+ barbers across 11 countries. Effortlessly organize your tools and eliminate time waste in your day with The Rig by SLCKR. Rock it in the shop, on a house call, at a barber battle, and much more.

Cut Anywhere
The Rig brings the station to you. Cut in the shop and on the go.

Save time and increase revenue
Rig users report saving 10 minutes per haircut on average. Schedule more clients, spend more time on your haircuts, or introduce additional services. Each of these results in more money in your pocket

Eliminate tool clutter
The Rig allows you to keep a clean and organized station by storing your most frequently used tools close to your chest.

Dress to impress
The Rig introduces a professional and stylish look. Catch the eyes of your clients and show that you're invested in your craft.

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