Tomb45 Power Pods Base



Tomb45 Power Pods Base

Charge 6 tools at once with just 1 wire!

Powerpods are NOT included.

PowerPod Compatible Machines
Andis cordless master - Andis Cordless Master
Andis slimline li - All Cordless Slimlines
Andis T-outliner - All Cordless Andis T-Outliner
Babyliss foil FX shaver - Babyliss FX02 Foil Shaver
Babyliss Foil Fx Shaver - Babyliss Foil Fx02 Shaver
Babyliss FX clipper - Babyliss Fx Clipper (Excluding Rubber Grips)
Babyliss FX3 clipper - Babyliss Fx3 Clipper
Babyliss FX3 shaver - Babyliss Fx3 Shaver
Babyliss FX3 trimmer - Babyliss Fx3 Trimmer
Babyliss lo-pro clipper - Babyliss Lo-Pro Clipper (Including Influencer edition)
Babyliss lo-pro trimmer - Babyliss Lo-Pro Trimmer (Including Influencer edition)
Babyliss skeleton FX trimmer - Babyliss Skeleton FX Trimmer (Excluding Rubber Grips)
Gamma+ stylecraft trimmer/clipper - Gamma Ergo/StyleCraft Ergo Clipper & Trimmer
- Gamma Flex Trimmer,
JRL 2020C - JRL 2020C Clipper & Trimmer
StyleCraft Rebel/Gamma Boosted Clipper - StyleCraft Rebel, Gamma Boosted Clipper
StyleCraft Sabers - StyleCraft Saber Trimmer
Wahl detailer - Wahl Cordless Detailer
Wahl final shaver - Wahl Finale Shaver
Wahl magic/senior - Wahl Cordless Magic Clip,
- Wahl Cordless Senior,
- Wahl 100yr Anniversary Senior,
- Wahl 100yr anniversay magic clip,
- Sterling 4 Cordless Clipper

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